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Home Insurance

Your home is probably your biggest financial investment. We offer several coverage options designed to fit most any need.

Personal Umbrella Liability

It's a good idea to purchase "replacement cost coverage" vs. "actual cash value coverage." Replacement cost coverage pays for all necessary expenses involved with repairing or rebuilding damaged property, minus any deductible. Actual cash value coverage, on the other hand, pays less than replacement cost coverage because it factors in depreciation. Your home may be worth $200,000 today, but if it's damaged or destroyed 10 years from now, repair and replacement costs could be considerably higher due to inflation. To understand your replacement costs, take a comprehensive inventory of your home so that you have a record of your personal belongings. Store a copy of this list in a safe place. Experts recommend also making a photographic or video record. Check the coverage limits on personal items, such as jewelry, silverware, furs and computer equipment. If the limits are too low, consider buying a special personal property "endorsement" or "floater." An endorsement is an addition to your policy, and a floater insures valuable items separately. Make sure you know what events your policy covers. With some types of policies, coverage for the sudden and accidental release of water must be added with an endorsement to the policy. The Office of Public Insurance Counsel, which represents consumers before the Texas Insurance Department, has a coverage comparison guide at

Auto Insurance

Do you have the right amount of Auto Insurance? We will personally review your policy and help you identify any potential overlaps or gaps in your coverage. We’ll also identify any discounts you may qualify for. We offer a variety of coverages to fit your needs:

Bodily injury and property damage liability
Collision damage
Other than collision damage
Death and dismemberment
Loss of use
Uninsured/Underinsured motorist

Towing and Roadside Assistance (Optional) Towing and Road Service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With just one toll-free call, you’ll get help whether you’re away from home or in your own driveway. Our dispatch service will make sure that you are "on the road again" as quickly as possible!

Life Insurance

Whether you are single, recently married, a young parent or planning for retirement, you should have the security and peace of mind only Life Insurance can offer. We can help you plan a Life insurance program that fits your needs, and meets your goals. We offer a variety of policies for you to choose from:

Five-Year Level Term
Ten-Year Level Term
20 Year Level Term
30 Year Level Term
Whole Life
Variable Universal Life
Mortgage Protection Plans
Business Life Insurance

Boatowners Insurance

Your Boatowners policy gives you triple coverage for:

Your liability to others: Your policy will pay damages from an accident which you are legally liable because of bodily injury or property damage, up to the limits of the policy. Your policy also provides coverage to defend an insured person against any covered claim or suit.

Medical payments: Your policy will pay the necessary medical expenses for bodily injury sustained by an insured person in an accident.

Damage to your craft: Your policy will pay for loss to your boat or trailer caused by most accidental means temperature.

Loss from repairing, adjusting, servicing or maintenance except for ensuing fire.

Theft of equipment not permanently attached unless specifically covered.

Loss or damage to boat trailer tires or tubes except for fire, windstorm, collision or theft of entire trailer.